Explore Thyborøn

Explore Thyborøn - an ocean of experience...


Sea War Museum

Come in and experiencerelics from the time of the First World War. See what was used in the battle on, under and above the water in the North Sea off the west coast of Jutland.

JyllandsAkvariet - Seaside safari

In JyllandsAkvariet you can get VERY CLOSE to the many quirky and colorful fish species that live in the North Sea and the Limfjord.- Come, see, touch, follow and help feed the fish that swim around and live well in the aquarium in Thyborøn.Outdoor tours - take JyllandsAkvariet on:Amber safari, Seal safari, Dolphin safari, Nature safari & Oyster safari


Sneglehuset is located at the end of Sneglevej in Thyborøn.Everywhere both outside and inside, brickwork and furniture are covered in ingenious patterns, created from seashells and snail shells. This fantastic house was created by a single man over a long life.

Naturroom Thyborøn

Naturrum Thyborønstarts at the parking lot at the south end of Vesterhavsgade. There are signs that show the way. In the area there is a covered rest area with tables/bench sets and a toilet. Above the dyke there is a playground, a viewing platform with a view of the North Sea.Two hikes of 4 and 11 km respectively depart from the area.

Themis Skatepark

The old athletics stadium in Thyborøn, Vesterhavsgade 86, was transformed during 2018 into one of West Jutland's coolest skate parks.Here, children of all ages and other interested parties can try their hand at either skateboarding or scootering - there's a little bit of everything here, regardless of whether you're experienced or a beginner, you're welcome.- So remember your skateboard, scooter, helmet and protective equipment - the next time you visit the city.

Walking tours

Take the family on a hike in Thyborøn's fantastic surroundings
- be blown away by the North Sea.


Find an overview and hiking routes in the area


Vesterhavs caminoen

Go on a hiking holiday along the West Coast - from Thyborøn to Vestervig.VesterhavsCaminoen is a West Jutland travel agency with extensive experience in prepackaged walking tours along the West Jutland coast. We have taken care of all the practicalities so that our customers can enjoy their hiking holiday to the fullest.

The memorial park for the Battle of Jutland

On 1 June 2016, the memorial park was established in Thyborøn. A landscape artwork created by artist Paul M. Cederdorff in memory of the 8645 British and German marines who died in the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916.

Puch Maxi Tours

Fasten the helmet and give it bottom gas in Thyborøn - join a Puch Maxi trip!

Fun, laughs and robber stories, join us on a guided tour around Thyborøn - get a few truthful stories about Thyborøn through the built-in speakers in the helmet....

Ravhuset - Amber exhibition

Here you can see a completely unique collection of amber, jewelery and other works of art in amber.

Iskunsten - Ice arrt exhibition

Experience a unique exhibition of fantastic ice sculptures brought to life by the play created between the ice and the clear light. The exhibition is permanent, but the sculptures are constantly replaced and is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Go fishing

Thyborø Hotel is located right at the Limfjord's opening to the North Sea, and that makes us the natural choice for anglers.

The opportunities for angling are unique and very versatile.Remember the compulsory fishing license which can be bought at Buus in Lemvig or online at fisketegn.dk.


With the North Sea on one side and the Limfjord on the other, there are plenty of opportunities for water sports activities in Thyborøn. Contact Thyborøn Surf Center for surf lessons, board rental, guided stand-up paddle trips, snorkeling and diving.

Æ' Motorrum

Exciting collection of old Danish glow-head engines.


Run by volunteers - open on selected days only.


You will find the exhibition in one of the red barracks v/ Kystcentervej.